About Lorenzo

Lorenzo enjoys any opportunity to bring his academic training in business management, entrepreneurship, technology project management and professional experience in operations, technology and marketing to build businesses.

At Lorenzo’s work experience at MassHousing Finance Agency he worked on two major technology projects. First, the upgrade of MHFA’s workstations to Windows 7. In executing this project Lorenzo gained valuable knowledge of large-scale computer networks, while progressing ahead of schedule.

Lorenzo’s previous experience as an intern at New England Center for Arts and Technology, a new non-profit organization providing education programs to disadvantaged adults and after school programs to at-risk youths, allowed him to analyze and implement CRM solutions. Additionally evaluating hardware that best meet the needs of the organization, participating in board meetings by presenting updates on project-based assignments and the creating an internal system for tracking students through the application process to record various program admittance rates.

As a student at Wentworth, Lorenzo was chosen to be on an advisory team for the Wentworth Business Management Speaker Series tasked with advising the resident executive, to assisting with events.

Lorenzo also has experience in industrial design. This training and attention to details and knowledge of Adobe Suite programs as well as others has helped him in his business management track in creating organised and easy to understand papers and presentations.

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